Thursday, May 22, 2014

18 Months and More..

I've really been slacking at posting anything lately!!  Konnor had his 18 month appointment last week and although he only gained 10 oz he shot up in height.  He grew 2 1/4 inches and is still off the charts for height.  He chatted with his pediatrician a lot while we were there :).  He asked her for the "block please" when he wanted the big block toy that was sitting beside her, he showed her his stuffed "bunny" that we brought with us and made sure to say "bye bye" to her when she left.  He only had to get one shot thank goodness and it went pretty well.  He always seems to get over the shots pretty quickly.  
In the past month that I haven't remembered to post anything at all, we've been to Washington D.C three times.  The first time we went Easter weekend with our friend Jill who was visiting!  We were excited to see Jill again.  We hadn't seen her since we left Charleston!  We were very happy she made the trip up to see us!  We had fun at the zoo and going to the museum of natural history and just walking around.  Konnor was excited to see an elephant at the zoo, and to finally get out of his stroller and walk around some :)  The second time we went was Mother's Day Weekend.  Konnor's Aunt Courtney drove down just for the day so she could go with us!  We went to the zoo again and did some more walking around and visited the museum of American history.  It was a nice warm day and we had a lot of fun!  The weekend right after that we went again with my parents.  We skipped the zoo that time, but took a trolley tour and got to see a lot and learn a lot.  I'm sure we will definitely go back again some time this summer!

Okay.. sorry for the picture overload! 

Other than our little weekend trips to Washington D.C. we've been pretty much just hanging out and getting outside whenever we can!  We got a new sliding door for our deck so now it will close properly!  Korey and I both just completed T25 and loved it.  I think I'm going to do another round of it, and Korey is going to start training for the two triathlons he has signed up for!  Konnor definitely keeps us busy every day!  He's always on the go and he's always trying to talk to us and tell us something! :)  We love hearing him talk!  I swear he says something new every day!  Korey fixed our clock in the living room that goes off every hour, and Konnor loves when it makes noise.  As soon as he hears it he smiles and starts saying "ding dong".  He also points to it throughout the day and says "clock ding dong" and wants it to make noise.  For the most part he loves pushing all his cars and trucks around still, and he loves to read books.  He will bring me books several times a day and want me to read them to him.  Or if he can't find one of his favorites like Go, Dog Go then he will run around the house saying "go go" and look for it!  There is never a dull moment with him and we love it! :)

 Of course I had to include a picture of Chloe and Bella.  Bella still wants nothing to do with Konnor even though he really wants to be her friend haha and Chloe still loves him (except when he is trying to head butt her).  Bella's pretty independent anyway so she hangs out upstairs or behind the couch while Konnor is running around, and we make sure she gets attention at night after he's gone to bed!