Wednesday, June 25, 2014

8 years

On Monday Korey and I celebrated 8 years of being married!  8 years??? It's crazy that it's been 8 years already. It's even crazier that we've been together for 15 years!!  I still remember the day he chased me down the hall in high school and asked me out.  I feel very lucky that we found each other so early and that we've gotten to share so many experiences with each other already! 

So far together we have lived in 5 different states, rented several apartments and houses, bought our first house, got two crazy dogs, had our wonderful son Konnor, made some important job changing decision, visited several countries and states, ran a couple half marathons and triathlons, made amazing friends, and so much more. Korey is still my best friend after all this time. He knows everything about me and whenever something happens good or bad he is the first person I want to tell about it!

Things have definitely changed over the years but we've learned to change together and to go with the flow.  We used to be able to go out together whenever we wanted but now it's not that easy to go do something just the two of us. We try and take every opportunity we have to go out together but we also enjoy hanging out at home together after Konnor's asleep just catching up on TV, movies, talking, and sometimes playing a game. 

Having a child is WONDERFUL...but it can also be stressful. There are definitely those nights when Konnor wakes up and stays awake for hours where Korey and I in our sleep deprived state end up mad at each other over crazy stuff. Despite those times, we really enjoy being parents. I love seeing Konnor get excited when Korey gets home from work and how excited Korey gets every time Konnor says Daddy!  I also appreciate how Korey never makes me feel anything less than an amazing mother. Even in moments when I feel like I'm failing miserably, he is always the one to tell me that I'm doing a good job. 

8 much has happened and I can't wait to spend several more years together and see what other adventures are in store for us!  Love you Korey! Happy Anniversary!  Thanks for always being there for me!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

19 Months

So far my goal of trying to write more is definitely not being achieved! :)  Konnor keeps us pretty busy most days!  He's always on the go and it's a rare moment if he actually sits down for more than 5 minutes.  I purchased a coloring book for him the other day, and he will at least sit and color with me for 10-15 minutes which is nice (As you can see I also have been coloring haha)!

He loves to talk and one day when I was curious I started writing down all the words he has said, and discovered he says over 100 different words!  He's always trying to tell us something!  We love hearing him talk.  All day long I hear "where daddy go"  "where bella go"  "where chloe go" haha. 
The canine teeth are almost completely in (YAY!!) so he has been sleeping better.  He still has nights where he wakes up and decides he's going to stay up for 2 hours, but they don't happen as often as they used to!
He loves his shoes.  He always wants to be wearing his shoes.  He brings me his shoes every day and wants me to put them on.  His one pair definitely smells awful because he wears them so much without socks.  I must have told them they were stinky one too many times though, because now every time he brings them to me he smells them and says "stinky"!
Always wearing our shoes!

Last weekend Korey and I got the chance to go to NYC with my sister Courtney and her boyfriend Matt.  We went to the 9/11 Memorial which was sad, but definitely worth visiting.  Korey and I went to see Of Mice and Men and LOVED it!  Chris O'Dowd was wonderful and of course we stuck around afterwards so I could get an autograph from James Franco!  I love trips to NYC and it's nice now that we are not too far away!  Hopefully we can go again some time soon and see some more shows!

Also while we were in NYC we decided on Sunday morning that we should try to get a cronut!  Courtney and I had both heard about them from watching Jimmy Fallon.  We knew there are usually huge lines for them, but figured that since its been awhile since they first came out that maybe we would get lucky.  We definitely got lucky... really lucky.  When we got there we hurried into the cronut line and I got super excited that we were going to get one.  Almost immediately someone came over to the line and told everyone that they only had so many cronuts left and they couldn't guarantee that everyone in line would get one.  Ugh!  The three girls in front of us left the line but we decided to stick around.  It didn't take long until we were the next people in line to order, and then a woman at the door yells "YES!!!! We got the Last Cronut!!!" and we see them take the last box out of the display case and hand it to the woman in front of us. BUT lucky us, they bring one last box over, and Korey asks if they have any cronuts left and they tell him only one more and we get it!  We had to share it with Courtney and Matt of course but that's okay!  It was definitely worth hanging out in line for a little bit and we got a couple other pastries also that were delicious!  Next time we are in NYC we might have to go back to Dominique Ansel Bakery and get another one :)

We've now been living in our new house for over a year.  We're slowly painting and doing some other things to the house.  We are still really happy with our house and are having fun picking paint colors and trying to think of some little projects we can do here and there.  Unfortunately we are also still not in love with the area we live in.  Going to places like Washing DC and NYC on some weekends is helping us like it a little more, but it still doesn't change the fact that we don't have as much stuff to do in the area as we are used to and would like.  I thought maybe summer would make it a little better, and it has to some extent.  I love being able to get outside with Konnor and the sunshine and warm weather makes me happy, but it also makes me miss living close to a beach, and there just aren't as many places to go for safe fun walks with Konnor around here.  Hopefully some day we will be able to move back to where we really want to be, but until then we will definitely keep trying to find things to do around here, and we'll keep working on the house.
Hope everyone is enjoying the nicer weather, and maybe I'll remember to post something again before another month goes by.