Thursday, October 16, 2014

22 and 23 months

Of course I'm behind!  Not a big surprise I'm sure 😄.  Konnor's language is still expanding and we love listening every day to see what he will say and do next. One of my favorites is when he goes over to the pantry, opens the door and says "hmmmm let's think" and then asks for some kind of snack. It's even better when he puts his hand on his hips or his finger to his lips as he "thinks". 

He is still a fan of Mickey Mouse but he also likes watching Chuggington and sometimes Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We decided to let him be Jake the pirate for Halloween. If you ask Konnor what a pirate says he will tell you "ho ho ho" (might be a little confusing at Christmastime haha). It's also fun to have him say "ahoy matey" and "walk the plank". He's definitely very good at repeating anything you say!  

He likes to sing and if he hears singing on tv he sometimes will join in even if he doesn't really know what they are singing. When we stayed with our friends in Charleston they sang a prayer before meals and Konnor picked up on it and loved it, so we now sing the prayer before meals also. Along with singing he sometimes likes to dance too. He will hit the button on his piano that plays music and then come say "money dance" or "daddy dance". And no I did not type that wrong.  I am still called "money" instead of "mommy" even though if you ask him to say "mommy" he is definitely able to.  I'm okay with it though. It's cute and some day he will grow up and who knows what he will call me so I'll take being called "money" by our sweet little boy as long as he wants. 

Konnor also still loves books. We read before nap time and bedtime and any other time he asks. He has certain books he likes more than others and we try to go to the library at least once a week to switch out books so he has the chance to experience a lot of different books. I'm so glad he loves listening to us read and that he picks up books and is now starting to remember some of them and "read" them himself. 

He still LOVES trucks, cars and trains. Basically anything with wheels. Even of something isn't a truck he will try to make it into one and he will push it around saying "beep beep" and "coming through".  He enjoys playing with play dough, stickers and coloring with crayons. Watching him play is so fun. It's great to see how excited he gets over everything. I'm getting very excited for our trip to Disney next month. I can't wait to see how he reacts to seeing characters and riding the rides!!

Hopefully everyone is staying warm as it starts to get cooler out. Maybe I'll actually post again before Konnor turns 2!!