Tuesday, September 25, 2012

33 Weeks, Exercise and Baby Classes!

We went to a five hour baby class on Saturday at the hospital.  It was a pretty good class and I feel like most of my random questions were answered.  It was just an overall class that included a lot of stuff (even the dreaded baby being born videos :) ) but Korey and I both felt like it helped us feel more prepared about what to expect.  Most of the time the stuff I worry about is so random and has nothing to do with actually giving birth.  I once went into a panic about what kind of car seat we needed to buy and spent about 3 hours one night researching it!  Then I stressed out about a pediatrician and whether we needed to go to the naval health clinic or if we could choose our own or how it all worked.  We got that all figured out now also! :)  Before the class my most recent concerns were where we were supposed to go when we got to the hospital, and thankfully they answered that and other random questions like where to park and what to bring.  They of course covered more important things, but like I said, the stuff I worry about is the random things :)  As far as classes go we might sign up for an infant care class and we signed up to take a tour of the maternity ward but other than that I don't know that we'll take any more classes. 
As far as exercise goes it definitely is more difficult some days, but I still try and jog/walk, walk the bridge, and swim as often as I can!  I managed to do my little 2min. jog/ 2min. walk the other day when it was a little cooler out and I lasted for about 30 minutes so that was good!  I walked the bridge on Sunday and today and Korey and I plan to go for a swim tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that!  Swimming is the only exercise where I don't feel like I'm super slow.  I'm happy that I can still at least run a little, but it is a little sad sometimes knowing I'm running 2 minutes or more slower than I was before I was pregnant!
Enough rambling for now!  I'll add some new weekly pictures at the end, and hopefully I'll have something more exciting to write about soon :)
29 weeks

31 weeks
32 weeks  

We got maternity pictures taken around 30 weeks so whenever we get them I'll put some on the blog!

Konnor's car seat!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shopping Shopping and more Shopping

We did a lot of shopping today!!  We started at Babies R Us and bought some of the stuff we still needed to try and finish the baby room and make it look more complete.  We got the changing pad, a changing pad cover, some crib stuff and some other things we found on sale!  Of course when we got home Korey got right to work putting it all where it should go.  I think he's even more excited than me about getting the room finished!  I like it :) 
After our Babies R Us shopping and working on the baby room, we went to Best Buy and Korey got to make his big purchase of the day- A new 55" television.  He insisted we needed a bigger TV because after we have Konnor we will not be able to go out to see movies as often and we will need a bigger TV at home to watch movies on :)  The TV was also set up and put together shortly after we got home from purchasing it!
The earlier part of the week wasn't too eventful.  I went in to work on Monday and Wednesday and Korey slept during the day since he was on the night shift.  He did manage to go golfing on Wednesday before he slept in the afternoon.  Tomorrow we're planning to maybe go see a movie since Korey has the day off and then on Saturday we are going to our 5 hour baby class at the hospital.  Luckily Korey was able to get the day off work to go to the class!
I think that is all for now.  Here are some pictures of the stuff we bought, and some pictures of the photo collage we are planning to hang over the dresser/changing table.  Hopefully within the next week or so we will have everything in the baby room all finished!
Changing pad with cover

Crib with sheets, mobile and soothing giraffe

Trying to figure out the layout for our collage

Found this idea on Pinterest.  We'll be adding Konnor's hand after he is born!

We liked this Winnie the Pooh quote

K is for Konnor!
I took this picture in Italy.  I made Korey pose so his reflection made a heart.

The Pack 'n Play that Korey put together tonight


And of course I couldn't leave out a picture of the new TV

Friday, September 14, 2012

"Portsmouth" Friends

Along with our visit to Pennsylvania we also went a little further north up to Maine and New Hampshire to see all our friends there!  We miss them so much and were so glad we got the chance to go see all of them!  Also while we were there Korey completed his first triathlon!  It was a wonderful trip!  We loved loved LOVED visiting with our friends.  We had plenty of places we could stay.  Thank you Chris, and Sami & Max for letting us crash at your places!  And thanks to all our other friends who offered up their homes too!  In some ways it felt like we had never left.  Even though time has passed and most of our friends have moved and bought their own places and they don't always get to hang out as often or go out like we used to, they are all still friends and keep in touch and it was nice to visit and be a part of that group again.  Korey definitely has the itch to move back to New England now :)
So in other posts I've talked about how Korey was training for his first sprint triathlon.  On Sept. 8th he completed the triathlon and did an AMAZING job :)  He finished in 1 hour and 23 min.  He placed 5th out of 19 people in his division (Males 25-29).  I'm pretty sure he will be doing more triathlons in the future.  I might even have to do one after Konnor is born!  For now I think I have Korey convinced to do a half marathon in Charleston in January! It will also be a first for him.  The most he's ever run for a race was 6.2 miles.  For Korey's triathlon I wore a special shirt that I found online!

While we were visiting our friends, they threw us a little baby shower!  It's nice knowing that we have so many great friends that care about us and that Konnor has so many people all over that will love him!
Thanks for the baby shower and all the thoughtful gifts!


We are now back home in SC and trying to finish up getting ready for Konnor's arrival.  I washed all the clothes we have gotten and put them all away tonight in the dresser.  We are going to go to the Charleston Repeats sale tomorrow morning.  It's a big chidren's consignment event they have seasonally in Charleston.  We figured we would go see if there was anything we could find.  Then next week on the days Korey has off we are going to head to Babies R Us and try and buy the last few things we need for the nursery.  It seems like these last few months are just going by so fast.  Konnor will be here before we know it!
I have a feeling I will be doing this a lot in the future :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Shower

Sorry I didn't post anything sooner since we have been back in Brookville!  We have been keeping busy while we are home!  We had a pretty good drive up North even though it was long!  We stopped on the way and spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa Witts which was nice and we also had lunch with some friends in Pittsburgh and got to meet their new son!
On Saturday we went out to the camper for a Labor Day Picnic.  The dogs came with us and enjoyed being outside all day!  Korey and I played three games of Cornhole and won all three games!  We also tried geocaching with Courtney and Matt for the first time.
On Sunday we had our baby shower!  We both were at the shower even though Korey was the only guy :)  He had fun opening gifts and visiting with everyone.  We got a lot of great stuff and a ton of clothes! :)  THANK YOU to everyone who was able to make it or who sent gifts.  We had a wonderful time and appreciate all the great gifts!  Thank you so much for thinking of us!
Sarah Sarvey made the cake for the baby shower and it not only looked AMAZING it also tasted WONDERFUL!
After the shower, Anna Dinger took some maternity photos for us and we also continued taking pictures on Monday morning.  We are excited to see how they turned out!  The rest of the day on Monday we went to The Mills with Courtney and had some never ending pasta bowls at Olive Garden and saw a movie.
Today Korey did some practicing for his triathlon by putting on his wet suit and getting in the water at the dam and then he practiced taking it off while he ran out of the water. I visited with my grandma for awhile tonight and then I had dinner with my friend Sarah and Benny and then I went to her house to watch some Frosty the Snowman :)

Tomorrow should be a more relaxing day.  I don't think we have much planned other than packing and getting ready to drive up to New Hampshire on Thursday!  Can't wait to see everyone up there too!
Well it is late and I'm tired so I'm going to just add some pictures from the shower and then head to bed! :)