Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's been a long time

I once again have fallen behind in writing anything on here. We got busy with trips and then the holidays and then I just kind of forgot about writing until now. 
It's hard to believe that Konnor is 2!  At his 2 year check up the doctor told me that he had the vocabulary of a 3 year old which was nice to hear!  Konnor talks all the time and some of the stuff he says is pretty funny!  He is tall like Korey and already wearing 3T clothes. Although some 3T stuff is too long, all 2T stuff is too short!

Christmas was pretty fun. It was great to watch Konnor open all his presents this year and to see how excited he got over each one. Leading up to Christmas we did "The Twelve Books of Christmas" and he got to open one book each night for 12 nights before Christmas. He was excited each night. He loves books!
We all ended up with the stomach bug around Christmas which wasn't fun. I had it right before Christmas, Konnor got it Christmas night and Korey got it two days later. It was not fun!!  
Nothing too exciting happened in January. We haven't gotten a ton of snow which makes me very happy, but I'm still looking forward to Spring and Summer!  We signed Konnor up for another session of story time at the library. Anything to keep busy and entertained in the winter. 

Bedtime bedtime bedtime...ugh.  We've always had our routine at bedtime and it worked well for awhile. And yes I was the bad mom who rocked my child to sleep while reading stories. Now he's in a big bed and we read stories in bed and turn off the lights and sit with him until he falls asleep. Some nights that can take awhile and it can get frustrating. But I never could do the cry it out stuff when he was younger and now I don't think I can let him cry while standing at his door trying to get out. So hopefully he will get quicker at putting himself to sleep eventually. He still wakes up at night a few times but he goes back to sleep pretty quick now that he's in the bigger bed. Unfortunately there have been a couple nights I was tired and I kayed down and fell asleep for hours too!  Oops!  Sleeping at night has always been our biggest struggle with Konnor. I know some kids are just not great sleepers and I know some day he will sleep through the night and everything will be fine!  He does however sleep great for nap time and he takes amazing naps which helps!  

I guess that's all for now.  Maybe I'll get motivated and actually remember to write more frequently again....maybe....