Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Well I finally got too far behind in posting pictures every day. Maybe a few months from now ill try again and do a better job but I definitely did not succeed this time.
For now ill just stick to posting tons of cute Konnor pictures!
Since it is now the end of July I was thinking today how sometimes it feels like time is flying by. I can't believe Konnor will be 9 months already in August. That just seems crazy to me!  Then other times when I think about the fact that we have only lived in our new house for 2 1/2 months I feel like time is dragging. I feel like we've been here longer and I also think a part of that feeling is because I'm hoping to some day move again and it just feels like that day will never come. But at the same time it's good when some things seem to drag. I don't want to wish life away too much. Even though this may not be our ideal place right now we are still making the best of it most times and enjoying ourselves. If I didn't have Korey and Konnor to hang out with I would definitely go crazy here though!  It's also nice that our family is closer now so we can see them more too. 
Konnor seems to be getting closer and closer to crawling every day. He is an expert at the army crawl and he is super fast. He also knows everywhere he shouldn't go and those are his favorite places to be :). He gets up on his hands and knees several times a day but then after a little rocking back and forth he decides that dragging himself across the floor is good enough for now. Unfortunately I think the process of learning this new skill is messing with his sleep. He hasn't slept a full night for about two weeks now. Some nights he just wakes up once for a short period, but other nights he wakes up and can't get back to sleep for 2 hours or more. Those nights are the worst!  Luckily there haven't been TOO many of those nights! But when those nights come I just try to remind myself that some day he won't need me at night anymore so I might as well enjoy the time with him now. I can always take a nap later!
This past weekend Uncle Kody came to visit and we all went to the Susquehanna State Park and walked along the trail. It was a nice walk. Konnor dipped his toes in the water and enjoyed a bottle during the walk!  Hopefully we can find some more fun places to go for walks on the weekends. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4th of July...just a little late

I finally got my pictures from my other camera onto the computer!  Unfortunately I didn't remember to take my camera with me to most of the 4th of July stuff we did, but at least I had my phone. 
As I think I mentioned in an earlier post, we were hoping to go to Charleston for the 4th of July.  Korey had Thursday and Friday off so we thought maybe it would be a good time to go back and visit.  The more we got to thinking about it though we figured it really probably wouldn't be worth it.  By the time we drove the 9.5 hours there (most likely 11 hours with Konnor) and got some sleep, we wouldn't really have too much time to try and visit everyone and hang out before we had to turn around and drive back again.  So we decided going home to Brookville would be an easier trip and just as fun!
On Thursday the actual 4th of July, we went to Konnor's Great Grandma Brown's house for a picnic!  We had lots of fun!  Konnor did a great job entertaining everyone along with his cousin Emma, who we got to meet for the first time that day!  She was adorable.  It's hard to believe Konnor was that small not that long ago!
On Friday we went out to Deer Meadow Campground to my family's camper and had a picnic.  Konnor had fun hanging out and napping while we played some cards and ate.  We also got to go swimming!  Konnor loved the pool.  He stayed in long enough to make himself tired and then when we decided it was time to get out, he wasn't very happy! :)
On Saturday we went out to Korey's family's cabin and hung out.  We took the dogs with us and they had a blast swimming in the water there.  Konnor enjoyed sitting outside in the shade and visiting with family!  Later that night we went over to see my Grandma and then headed home so we could get up and drive back the next day.
It was a great weekend.  Busy as usual, but still great!  Hopefully next time we go home we can see some of the people we didn't get to see on this trip and maybe stay for a little bit longer.
Here are some pictures from the 4th of July weekend!

Days 19-22

Isn't July over yet?  I definitely am sucking at this picture a day thing. At least I usually remember to take the picture. I just can't keep up with posting them. Well here are the past 4 days that I'm behind on...

Day 19
So the 19th is actually an old picture. I downloaded a new app for decorating pictures and so I figured I'd put up one of the old pictures that I was messing around with. The app is the A Beautiful Mess app. If you are interested in getting it just make sure you do NOT get the A Beautiful Mess Plus app. It looks the same but it's not. It's not the same even tho they make it look like it is and it's crap. I know because I accidentally bought the wrong one first. Ugh
Day 20
This is our new toy basket for the living room. It's not really new but it used to be in Konnors room and held diapers instead of toys. We like having it in the living room and it gives us a place to hide away all Konnors toys at night instead of placing them in a pile on the fireplace. This looks much nicer haha
Day 21
Is there a Cheerio on my head?  This guy is always entertaining. I think we will keep him :)
Day 22
I tried to take a picture of the moon because it looked so nice. I took this from the Kilby Cream Ice Cream place we love to go to. They have the best ice cream!!
Well maybe for the rest of the month I can keep up with posting pictures (probably not)!
Hope everyone is having a great July!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 18

Yesterday I didn't take a picture. It was a good day though. We even went to the pool after Korey got home from work and Konnor had a great time. It did make us miss where we lived in Mt. Pleasant because we could just walk to the pool every night in our neighborhood if we wanted to. But enough about missing Charleston and back to now. So here is the picture for today
It's our lovely Keurig machine making a delicious iced coffee. I have now perfected the perfect iced coffee (even Korey likes it). So who needs Starbucks now!!  Ha...who am I kidding. If we still had a Starbucks right across the street I would be going there every day 😄

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 16

My picture for today is of the Insanity booklet because yesterday I started Insanity. The first day is just the "fit test" so today was my first real workout. The first time I started Insanity I cried after the first workout and my abs hurt so bad I couldn't sit up haha. I was definitely not in good shape!  I did not cry this time but I am definitely sore!!  I'm excited to do the 9 weeks of Insanity before we go to Jamaica!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 15

Yay I'm on time!  
It's a million degrees here today (actually 90). So I decided to lay out on the deck and read. Chloe decided she wanted to join me!

Day 14

Grr. So I definitely typed a post last night and was proud of myself for finally doing one on time again but apparently I didn't hit save or something. Anyway... Here is the picture 
After explaining the picture maybe it will also explain why I forgot to hit save haha. Konnor is very happy in this picture. I however was not as happy taking it. The picture was taken at 11:25pm after two hours of trying to get the little stinker to sleep. He's been staying up later and later and we are not sure why. The only thing I can think that messed up his routine was us going home. But that was over a week ago now. He sleeps great through the night but getting him to actually go to sleep is the problem!  We have started waking him up a little earlier in the morning to see if that will help. So far  it really hasn't but we've only done it a few days. He did eventually go to sleep about 20 min after this picture. We will let you know how its going as the sleep battle continues :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 12 and 13

On the 12th our power went out!  It rained ALL Day which was sucky enough and then the power went out that night. So we got out our camping lantern.  
The power came back on in the morning so we were good to go!
The next day we pretty much had a lazy morning and then went to Lowes to buy some paint for the office!  Super excited to finally paint a room haha. 
Here's our before picture. Sorting through all our files to put away and getting ready to move stuff out to begin painting!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 11

Hey look. I actually am posting a picture on the right day again!
Today's picture is of our dinner. It's cheesesteak stuffed peppers. It was a recipe I found on Pinterest and we loved them!

Day 10

I'm getting behind again...surprise surprise. I did discover though that I took a picture on the 7th it's just on Korey's phone. The picture from the 9th is on there also. As soon as I get them from him ill post them. Here is the post from yesterday though 
Korey and I got to go to a movie last night while Konnor stayed at home with his Grandma Witt!  It was nice to go out with Korey for the night. We had fun and hopefully we got our movie fix for a little while again! :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 8

I forgot to take a picture yesterday. Oh well. It was a day full of goodbyes and driving and by the time we got home I wasn't thinking about pictures. But I'll try not to forget again. So here is the one for today. 
It's just a picture of Konnor sleeping on the monitor. I took this picture because when we were home visiting Konnor did not sleep very well. I can't really blame him. I doubt the pack n play is super comfy and I think another tooth is coming. However, last night back in his crib he slept 12 hours straight and took a 3 hour nap today!  I guess he was catching up from the fun weekend!!  Ill post pictures from the weekend soon. I actually remembered to take a few with the nice camera so I have to put them on the computer still!

Day 5 and 6

I'm getting behind already!!  Here is the picture for yesterday and one for today. 
Yesterday we went out to Deer Meadow Campground for a picnic with family and Konnor got to go swimming. He LOVED it. He was sad when it was time to get out. He had a lot of fun at the campground. 
Today we went out to Korey's family cabin where his grandma and grandpa Witt are staying and Konnor had fun outside watching the dogs run around!  In the evening we went to see my grandma. It's been a really nice weekend!
Ill add more pictures from our whole weekend soon. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 3 and 4

I didn't forget a picture already but we didn't arrive until 12:30 last night so I was just too tired to post my picture (and I'm sure nobody missed it).  :)  
Yesterday's picture I took right before we left the house on our way to Brookville!
It's not a super exciting picture I know!
Today's picture is from our July 4th picnic at Great Grandma Brown's house. We had a lot of fun and I probably are more brownies than I should have!
We are excited for our picnic at the camper tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The sickness is gone...but the rain isn't

Konnor is back to normal!  No more fever or rash and his appetite is back!  we survived his first illness.  He now is back to rolling around all over the floor and trying to steal Chloe's ball away from her any chance he can get. Which means we are constantly taking it back from him before it ends up in his mouth!!  Of course he wants the dogs ball even though he has one of his own!
The weather has still been pretty rainy. I've managed to fit a run in the past 3 days without getting stuck in the rain, but I haven't taken Konnor for a walk in awhile in case it starts to pour. It always  looks like its going to rain at any second lately. Hopefully we have some nicer days when we are home for the holiday. 
We are excited to go home. It will be nice to visit and go somewhere but only have to drive less than 5 hours. Konnor's been doing great riding in the car but we haven't been on a long car ride since we moved here. 
Well I just wanted to write and update about Konnor being sick so that's all for now!  I'm sure ill have more to write about during our trip home!

Day 2

Today's picture is of our new Maryland license plates. We have both had our new licenses for a few weeks but just got the plates today. Unfortunately we waited for over an hour to get them!!  Hopefully we won't have to go back there any time soon. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 1

Okay. Here goes my attempt to try and take at least one picture each day this month. I already take a lot of pictures but they are usually just of Konnor or the dogs. So I'm trying to take pictures that are of something else but that still relate to our daily life!  

Today I made Korey take a picture of my feet in my running shoes. I've been trying really hard to get back into running. I ran almost the whole time I was pregnant but I didn't run as far or as fast and I took several waking breaks near the end. I want to start signing up for some 5k's again. I need to find some in the area!
But anyway. That's my picture for today. At least I remembered to start. Hopefully I can remember to keep up with it!