Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Days 19-22

Isn't July over yet?  I definitely am sucking at this picture a day thing. At least I usually remember to take the picture. I just can't keep up with posting them. Well here are the past 4 days that I'm behind on...

Day 19
So the 19th is actually an old picture. I downloaded a new app for decorating pictures and so I figured I'd put up one of the old pictures that I was messing around with. The app is the A Beautiful Mess app. If you are interested in getting it just make sure you do NOT get the A Beautiful Mess Plus app. It looks the same but it's not. It's not the same even tho they make it look like it is and it's crap. I know because I accidentally bought the wrong one first. Ugh
Day 20
This is our new toy basket for the living room. It's not really new but it used to be in Konnors room and held diapers instead of toys. We like having it in the living room and it gives us a place to hide away all Konnors toys at night instead of placing them in a pile on the fireplace. This looks much nicer haha
Day 21
Is there a Cheerio on my head?  This guy is always entertaining. I think we will keep him :)
Day 22
I tried to take a picture of the moon because it looked so nice. I took this from the Kilby Cream Ice Cream place we love to go to. They have the best ice cream!!
Well maybe for the rest of the month I can keep up with posting pictures (probably not)!
Hope everyone is having a great July!!

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