Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The sickness is gone...but the rain isn't

Konnor is back to normal!  No more fever or rash and his appetite is back!  we survived his first illness.  He now is back to rolling around all over the floor and trying to steal Chloe's ball away from her any chance he can get. Which means we are constantly taking it back from him before it ends up in his mouth!!  Of course he wants the dogs ball even though he has one of his own!
The weather has still been pretty rainy. I've managed to fit a run in the past 3 days without getting stuck in the rain, but I haven't taken Konnor for a walk in awhile in case it starts to pour. It always  looks like its going to rain at any second lately. Hopefully we have some nicer days when we are home for the holiday. 
We are excited to go home. It will be nice to visit and go somewhere but only have to drive less than 5 hours. Konnor's been doing great riding in the car but we haven't been on a long car ride since we moved here. 
Well I just wanted to write and update about Konnor being sick so that's all for now!  I'm sure ill have more to write about during our trip home!

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