Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Well I finally got too far behind in posting pictures every day. Maybe a few months from now ill try again and do a better job but I definitely did not succeed this time.
For now ill just stick to posting tons of cute Konnor pictures!
Since it is now the end of July I was thinking today how sometimes it feels like time is flying by. I can't believe Konnor will be 9 months already in August. That just seems crazy to me!  Then other times when I think about the fact that we have only lived in our new house for 2 1/2 months I feel like time is dragging. I feel like we've been here longer and I also think a part of that feeling is because I'm hoping to some day move again and it just feels like that day will never come. But at the same time it's good when some things seem to drag. I don't want to wish life away too much. Even though this may not be our ideal place right now we are still making the best of it most times and enjoying ourselves. If I didn't have Korey and Konnor to hang out with I would definitely go crazy here though!  It's also nice that our family is closer now so we can see them more too. 
Konnor seems to be getting closer and closer to crawling every day. He is an expert at the army crawl and he is super fast. He also knows everywhere he shouldn't go and those are his favorite places to be :). He gets up on his hands and knees several times a day but then after a little rocking back and forth he decides that dragging himself across the floor is good enough for now. Unfortunately I think the process of learning this new skill is messing with his sleep. He hasn't slept a full night for about two weeks now. Some nights he just wakes up once for a short period, but other nights he wakes up and can't get back to sleep for 2 hours or more. Those nights are the worst!  Luckily there haven't been TOO many of those nights! But when those nights come I just try to remind myself that some day he won't need me at night anymore so I might as well enjoy the time with him now. I can always take a nap later!
This past weekend Uncle Kody came to visit and we all went to the Susquehanna State Park and walked along the trail. It was a nice walk. Konnor dipped his toes in the water and enjoyed a bottle during the walk!  Hopefully we can find some more fun places to go for walks on the weekends. 

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