Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shopping Shopping and more Shopping

We did a lot of shopping today!!  We started at Babies R Us and bought some of the stuff we still needed to try and finish the baby room and make it look more complete.  We got the changing pad, a changing pad cover, some crib stuff and some other things we found on sale!  Of course when we got home Korey got right to work putting it all where it should go.  I think he's even more excited than me about getting the room finished!  I like it :) 
After our Babies R Us shopping and working on the baby room, we went to Best Buy and Korey got to make his big purchase of the day- A new 55" television.  He insisted we needed a bigger TV because after we have Konnor we will not be able to go out to see movies as often and we will need a bigger TV at home to watch movies on :)  The TV was also set up and put together shortly after we got home from purchasing it!
The earlier part of the week wasn't too eventful.  I went in to work on Monday and Wednesday and Korey slept during the day since he was on the night shift.  He did manage to go golfing on Wednesday before he slept in the afternoon.  Tomorrow we're planning to maybe go see a movie since Korey has the day off and then on Saturday we are going to our 5 hour baby class at the hospital.  Luckily Korey was able to get the day off work to go to the class!
I think that is all for now.  Here are some pictures of the stuff we bought, and some pictures of the photo collage we are planning to hang over the dresser/changing table.  Hopefully within the next week or so we will have everything in the baby room all finished!
Changing pad with cover

Crib with sheets, mobile and soothing giraffe

Trying to figure out the layout for our collage

Found this idea on Pinterest.  We'll be adding Konnor's hand after he is born!

We liked this Winnie the Pooh quote

K is for Konnor!
I took this picture in Italy.  I made Korey pose so his reflection made a heart.

The Pack 'n Play that Korey put together tonight


And of course I couldn't leave out a picture of the new TV

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