Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Massanutten and more

Sorry again for taking forever to post anything!! After our trip to Disney we had a normal week at home and then we packed up again and went to Massanutten to spend time with Konnors Grandma and Grandpa Witt and Uncle Kody and Aunt Chelsea. We had a lot of fun and it was also nice and relaxing. We played some games, did the zip line, exercised, and ate more brownies than we probably should have :). Konnor tried some rice cereal for the first time and he did pretty well with it.
While we were at Massanutten, Korey accepted a job offer to a company in Maryland. So some time in May we will be moving to Maryland and Korey will start his new job at the beginning of June. We are hoping to be able to buy our first house there so we will be making a house hunting trip soon! Lots of new and exciting things will be happening soon!
As for Konnor he is still sleeping through the night. He usually sleeps about 9 hours and he is still sleeping in his crib! He has his 4 month check up today so I will have to post again soon about how it goes. I'm excited to see how much he weighs. He is turning into a little chubby baby :). I am not excited though about his 4 month shots. Ugh. The last shots ended in a cranky sad night for all of us. Hopefully this time goes better! He also has started occasionally giggling when we give him kisses. It's the best sound ever!!
The rest of May we plan to spend trying to do some of the things we love down here and some new things before we have to move. Then we are heading up to Brookville for Easter and for our great friend Lisa's bridal shower. We may also head over to Maryland for a few days when we are back home to do some house hunting.
Once again i'll try harder to keep this updated with all the new things we have going on!

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