Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Already?

I can't believe it's already September.  I'm kind of looking forward to the Fall and Winter this year.  It's already getting a little chillier at night and we have had our AC off and our windows open the past few days.  I kind of hope we can keep it that way now!  I have always liked Fall but Winter really has never been my thing.  I'm not a huge fan of snow, and I don't do well with snow sports/activities.  Of course I liked snow when I was younger.  I'm hoping I start to like it a little more now that we have Konnor to take outside and play with in the snow!  But I'm also hoping we don't get THAT much snow here.  Even though I don't like snow I LOVE all the winter holidays.  I'm SUPER excited for Christmas now that I watched Konnor rip a magazines to shreds tonight and throw the pieces all over the room.  He kept himself and us entertained for a good half hour or more!  I can only imagine how excited he will be to tear open Christmas presents!
Konnor had his 9 month check-up last week.  Our schedule got all off when we moved so he was already half way to 10 months by the time he had his appointment.  Thankfully this appointment did not involve any shots! YAY!!!  But sadly, they warned us that the next appointment at a year would include several shots.. BOO!!  Konnor weighed 23 lbs. and was 30 in. long at his appointment.  I can't believe how tall he is getting.  Luckily his weight has slowed down a little :)  He's still in the 90th percentiles for both. 

Month 9 seems to be the month where so many things started happening for Konnor.  He got really good at army crawling and then started to crawl for real.  He is pulling himself up on everything and walking all along the furniture.  He even goes from the couch to the end table to the chair now.  He loves throwing his blocks or cars ahead of him while he's crawling and then he goes chasing after them.  He also LOVES music.  Anytime he hears music he stops and listens or bounces along to the beat.  If we watch a show with a theme song at the beginning he will stop whatever he is doing and listen to it.  His favorite book is still Little Blue Truck.  He likes to turn the pages while we read it, and he still has a big grin when we say Beep Beep Beep at the end.  He claps every time we come in the room to get him when he wakes up from a nap.  I love that he is so happy to see us!  He also claps or waves his arms and gets all excited when we say "YAY"!  His latest thing is back to "blowing raspberries" at us.  Before when he used to do it we thought it was sooo cute.  Now it involves a lot more spit and so it makes it a little less cute!
I'm sure this month he will start doing even more!  I can't wait!

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