Monday, July 30, 2012

Uncle Kody's Wedding

This weekend we once again travelled away from Charleston. This time we went to NC to be a part of Kody and Chelsea's wedding. We were both in the wedding party and a little concerned about the fact that I would be standing for so long outside with it being very hot out!
The day before the wedding Courtney and I went to lunch and then sat at Starbucks for a few hours and then we went to dinner with the wedding party and by the end of the night my feet and ankles were a little swollen. This made me a little worried for the next day since I knew I would be standing a lot. But luckily I worried for nothing! It was hot but I didn't have any problems and I was not the bridesmaid to almost pass out so I was happy!
The wedding ceremony was beautiful! Kody and Chelsea did a great job putting a lot of thought and time into their ceremony and what they wanted said and done!
I will try and post pictures from the wedding later but they are still on my camera for now!
Oh and Aunt Courtney also got to feel baby Konnor kick finally (even though she was convinced he hated her for the first day and a half because he wasn't kicking when she would ask).

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