Saturday, November 24, 2012

Konnor's first Thanksgiving

We all survived Konnor's first Thanksgiving! On Wednesday I wasn't even sure if we would all make it until Thanksgiving. Konnor got circumcised on Tuesday and slept through pretty much the whole day afterwards except waking up to eat. But Wednesday was a whole other story. On Wednesday I'm pretty sure he was sore and he did not sleep at all from 11am until about 12:30am. He was also fussy and cried a lot which is not normal for him. Neither Korey or I were able to nap that day and poor Korey was trying to adjust his sleep pattern so he could go to work that night and start the night shift. Korey had to leave around 9 for work and by 1230 I was exhausted and Konnor was reaching the peak of his fussiness. Finally in the midst of his screaming I remembered Grandma Witt telling us that Korey was fussy as a baby and that they took him for car rides to calm him down. So at 1230 I put Konnor in his car seat and we set out to drive around the neighborhood! Right around that time as if he sensed I needed him, Korey called to check on us so I had someone to talk to while we were driving around. We drove for about 30 min and thankfully by the end of the ride Konnor was out. He managed to sleep the rest of the nigh too and only woke up long enough to eat!
After some much needed sleep, we decided to be brave and to go to our friends house for Thanksgiving. Konnor was great and slept the whole time we were eating and he didn't wake up until we were finished! We were so glad we decided to venture out for Thanksgiving. The food was AMAZING and the company even better. We really appreciate our friends Catherine and Jason who made us all wonderful food and welcomed us into their home. We are also thankful that they were planning to make us food and deliver it to us if we decided we didn't want to try and take Konnor out. We missed our family but are glad we had some great friends to spend the day with! We are looking forward to seeing all our family at Christmas though.
I'm super excited for Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. I love this time of the year. I'm ready to start listening to Christmas music, decorating the house, and going shopping! I hope Konnor's first Christmas goes as well as his first Thanksgiving did!

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