Thursday, November 29, 2012

Night-time=party time

So Konnor slept for 3 hours at a time at night for a total of two nights.  It was wonderful while it lasted :)  Then he decided he wanted to stay awake from 5-7am.  That wasn't too awful, although being awake those two hours when you are already exhausted is not enjoyable.  Then last night he decided he wanted to not even attempt going to sleep until around 5:30am.  Let's just say it was a very long night.  I did manage to take a nap today for a little bit while he slept, but its not as easy as you would think to just "nap when they are napping" like everyone tells you.  At least it isn't easy for me.  I love naps and took them all the time while I was pregnant, but now I just feel like there are other things I need to be doing during the day and it's not always easy to just drop everything and "nap" when he does.  No matter what his sleep schedule though we will figure it out and survive!  There could be much worse things to worry about.
On the bright side we ordered some new gadgets to try and make life with Konnor easier, and they arrived this week.  One of them was the Mamaroo.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Kelso for the early Christmas present!  The Mamaroo has been wonderful!  We discovered that Konnor likes car rides and the Mamaroo sways in a bunch of different settings, one of which is the car ride setting.  Konnor is usually content to nap in the Mamaroo once a day which gives Korey and I time to eat dinner, get stuff done, or just hang out together for a little bit.  Tonight the Mamaroo made it possible for Korey and I to put up and decorate the Christmas tree.  Another thing we ordered was the car seat adapter to use in our Baby Jogger stroller that Grandma and Grandpa Witt got us!  It works great and Konnor and I took a 40 minute stroll around the neighborhood yesterday.  He slept the whole time and I had the freedom of taking a walk whenever I wanted and not having to wait for Korey to be home or free so he could watch Konnor while I went for a walk.
Hopefully over the next few weeks we will figure Konnor out a little more and maybe he will decide that sleeping at night is a good thing again :)  For now though we are enjoying watching him get bigger already and seeing his little features start to change as he gets a little chubbier in the cheeks.  We will figure out this whole sleep thing and make sure we take our naps if we need them!  We're also super excited to be spending our first Christmas as parents even though Konnor is too young to know what is going on.  We will enjoy it for him :)  We can't wait to see all our family at Christmas and hopefully we can make it home some time soon so we can see our friends too!

our tree

Konnor sleeping in the mamaroo in front of the tree

kisses from dad

Bella and her new gigantic bone

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