Sunday, May 5, 2013

Moving Madness

Sorry it's been FOREVER. I promise I will get better at writing again. Moving has kept us super busy. We have now officially left Charleston (unfortunately) and we are currently in limbo. We are staying in Brookville for a few weeks while we wait to close on our house in Maryland. We are scheduled to close on May 16th. It's exciting to finally be able to buy our own home and to have Korey have a regular day job with weekends off. But it is also sad to have left Charleston again. We really loved living there. There is just something about that place and I truly believe we will move back there again some day. It also stinks to have
to leave friends again and prepare to make new ones.
Konnor is doing great. We went to one last appointment at our pediatrician in Mt Pleasant and he weighed 19lbs 5oz!! He's a big growing boy. :). Every day he seems to be sitting on his own better, getting closer to rolling and then eventually crawling all over. He is also a music critic
we discovered. He will fuss when some songs are played and completely quiet down or smile for other ones. Unfortunately right now he does not like one of the songs I'm currently in love with. So I have to wait til he falls asleep when we are in the car so I can listen to it! There is so much more I could write but I will save it for other posts and make sure I just write more frequently the next few
days to catch up. We have friends who have had babies, friends who got married, lots of family visiting and so much more. I will try very hard to catch up and to write more often! For now I'm going to go finally watch the season finale of The Following and then head to bed!

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