Saturday, June 1, 2013

New house, missing Charleston, and of course Konnor stuff!

Well we are all moved in to the new house now. Once again I've taken forever to write a post. Maybe now that things have settled down a little I'll get better again. We have been in the new house now for 2 1/2 weeks. All but one or two boxes are unpacked and everything is pretty much where it needs to go. Korey has been a very handy man and has taken down a dining room chandelier light and replaced it with a Tiffany's style light and he has switched out a ceiling fan. He has also put together a tv stand a bookshelf and some tables. Now our plan is to make a list of all the other things we would like to eventually do to the house like paint, add a fence, replace carpets and more and then save up so we can do them. Hopefully we will get it all done in time to enjoy it before we decide to move again :)
I know you're now thinking "move again?"  I'm sure most of you know my deep desire to move back to Charleston again some day. I'm hoping it happens.  I have never loved any place more than Charleston. There is just something about living there...I just feel home. It's always nice weather, there are beaches, a great downtown, festivals all the time and just sooooo much more. I've had to leave there two times now in my life, and just like the first time I will miss it every day until I hopefully return. With all that being said though I will also learn to enjoy Maryland and our new home for the time being. And if we end up staying here for awhile I will still be happy because I'm with Korey and Konnor but part of me will always be wishing we were in Charleston. 
As for Konnor he is doing great. Rolling EVERYWHERE.  No

crawling yet but anytime he is on his belly he will do the move where he looks like he is revving up to crawl and then instead he just rolls to where he wants to go. Which most times is toward the dvr box or the dogs :). He has two bottom teeth and we think the top two might not be far off. He has been chewing again like crazy and drooling a lot. Unfortunately he also has not been sleeping very well since the move. On a good night he will only wake up twice. It's a little sad since before we moved he was sleeping 9-11 hours a night. But oh well. As some of you know we also struggled with getting Konnor to take a bottle. He just wanted nothing to do with them. We finally found a sippy cup that semi worked but one day Korey suggested trying a bottle again and sure enough the little stinker will now drink from a bottle too. Which means as long as it works out with Koreys job we will get to go to Jamaica in September!!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed. A vacation sounds amazing right now. 
Well I think I'll stop there. Ill try and add some pics of the house next time (and hopefully next time won't be two months from now).

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