Thursday, June 6, 2013

teeth, rolling, and Jamaica!

So Konnor still does not have his top two teeth... ugh!  It wouldn't really matter if he wasn't so fussy every other day and chewing on EVERYTHING including us!  I feel bad for the poor little guy.  Some days it doesn't seem to be bugging him and then other days he chews on anything he can get his mouth on and he is super cranky.  He has fortunately had a few nights though where he has slept through the night again which is nice! :)  Along with his teeth he has also been rolling all over the place still.  Unfortunately he has also been rolling all over his crib at night!  Most of the time this doesn't wake him up and its somewhat amusing to watch on the monitor what position he will end up in or to wonder which way he will be laying by morning.  The unfortunate part is that the poor guy bangs his head off the crib when he is doing all this rolling.  We have the breathable bumpers for him so they offer no padding (and they currently aren't on the crib because Korey doesn't remember how to put them back on after they were taken off for the move! oops). Well have to figure something out!
 Korey started the new job this week.  So far its been mostly training , but he seems pretty excited about it all.  It's nice having him home every night and knowing that he will be around this weekend! He also found out that he should definitely be able to take off for our trip to Jamaica that we've had booked for almost two years now.  We had to move it once because we found out I was pregnant and we were really hoping we didn't have to move it again!  We already bought our plane tickets and we are really looking forward to it!  We had so much fun last time we were in Jamaica.  Now we both have goals for working out so we are beach ready by the Jamiaca trip :)  We are starting a workout jar and paying ourselves $1 for every workout we do and then we can use that money on our trip!  So far we've both been pretty good about working out, but its always easy to start out doing really well.  The hard part is to keep up with it.
Well I think that's about all for now.  I promise I will take pictures of the house soon and post them.  Then hopefully some day I can also do some before and after pictures of all the things we want to fix/change about the place.  I will try and do that soon since its already almost been a month since we've been living here!
Here's a fun video of Konnor's new favorite "game" to play while in his highchair.  He likes to make noises and see if we will repeat them back to him.  Sometimes he makes himself laugh doing it!

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