Sunday, October 6, 2013


We've already been home for a week, but I finally found some time to write about our Jamaica trip!  We had a lot of fun in Jamaica!  The weather was PERFECT!  We were a little worried because we kept checking the weather report before we left and almost every day was calling for rain.  We got lucky though and the only time we saw rain was when we landed at the airport and on our drive to the resort.  Once we were there the weather was beautiful the rest of the week!  The resort was wonderful.  We had a pool right outside our room, a fridge in our suite full of all kinds of drinks, and we also had butler service.  When we booked the room two years ago, our room was not a butler room.  But between the time we booked it and when we were actually able to go, our room category changed and so we were surprised when we discovered we had a room with butler service.  Our butlers were great.  We didn't really ask them to do too much for us, other than to take us back and forth from our room to the lobby since our room was up on a hill.  They were super friendly though and we had fun getting to know them!  We spent most days laying around by the beach or the pools and enjoying lots of food and drinks because it was all included! We also left the resort one day to go to Dunns River Falls,  which was a lot of fun too! I think we will definitely stay at a Sandals resort again in the future.  I'd love to go back to Ocho Rios again, but I think we might try one of their resorts in another place next time.

This was our first vacation without Konnor.  It was a lot of fun and I think we definitely needed some time to just hang out together for a few days, but we missed Konnor a lot!  Thankfully we had free wifi at the resort and the Grandmas sent lots of pictures, videos, and updates!  I enjoyed getting full nights of sleep (except for the night I had to set an alarm to wake up and put aloe on Korey's back because he burnt the crap out of himself on the third day there)! Other than Korey getting burnt, we had a great time.  I must also say that it was not Korey's fault he got burnt.  He bought target brand sunscreen spf30 and put it on at least 4 times that day but it was like he wasn't wearing anything and he got soooo burnt.  We threw that sunscreen out, bought some expensive stuff at the resort and vowed that we will never buy target brand sunscreen again!  We met some great people while we were there and hopefully we will stay in touch with some of them and maybe hang out with them again some day in the future!!
The Grandma's did a great job watching Konnor!  I'm sure he had a ton of fun while we were gone also.  I hope that Korey and I will get the chance to take more vacations with and without Konnor in the future!!

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