Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend Fun and Halloween Movies

We had some visitors this past weekend! We love visitors!  Aunt Courtney and Matt came to hang out with us for the weekend. Friday night we went to Kilby's for some ice cream. Unfortunately they didn't have any pumpkin ice cream Booooo. Konnor enjoyed swinging, checking out the animals, and of course sampling everyone's ice cream!
We all went to bed early Friday night. Everyone was pretty tired. 
Saturday we went apple picking!  I had never been apple picking before (at least not that I can remember anyway). It was a lot of fun. It would have been a little better if it had felt like Fall and wasn't 85 degrees but it was still a great time!  We picked a bunch of apples and we even ate a couple while we picked. They are all seriously the most delicious apples EVER!!  I want to go back again and get even more!!  Even Courtney who is allergic to apples texted me and said she has been eating them and she loves them!

After apple picking, we went to try out a restaurant in Newark. We had some yummy pizza and then stopped for some pumpkin spice Starbucks drinks for "dessert".  That evening we played Settlers of Catan and Scribblish. Two games Korey and I don't get to play often because you need more than 2 players. Then when Konnor went to bed we made a fire and sat around making some s'mores. It was a perfect Saturday!  

Tonight Korey and I started our Halloween movie watching. Last year in the middle of October we decided to try and watch one scary movie a night until Halloween. This year we decided to start a little early and since we have a lot going on in October there will probably be several nights we have to skip. I also am trying to pick Halloween movies that aren't super scary. I don't know if it's the fact that we have our own house now or that we have a child, but I just don't think I could handle super scary movies. They always used to freak me out but even previews now will creep me out when I'm up at night alone with Konnor or if I'm the last one going up to bed and turning all the lights off as I go. Either way, since I'm easily scared now we decided to watch Ghostbusters as our first movie. I love watching older movies that we haven't seen in awhile. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend like we did and hopefully you are all enjoying your own Fall/Halloween movies!!

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