Thursday, January 9, 2014


Since the New Year I keep seeing and reading about people's resolutions for the year.  I always like trying to come up with some resolutions for myself and hoping that I can stick with them!  This year I figured I'd share a few of mine and maybe that will help me stick with them?!
  •  I'd like to try more things that I pin on Pinterest.  I love going on there and seeing what people are pinning, and I am always pinning away.  Unfortunately I rarely actually remember to try any of the things I've pinned.  This year I want to at least try one thing a month that I've pinned on Pinterest.  I'd love to do more than one a month, but I'll stick with trying at least one!
  •  I want to read more.  Last year I read a lot less books than I normally do.  I know that I was busy with Konnor, but that's no excuse.  He takes two naps every day so there are plenty of times I can be reading.  I think my biggest problem is watching too many shows on Hulu and Netflix!
  •  Keeping up with my yearly scrapbooks for Konnor.  I started a scrapbook of Konnor's first year and I have a goal to try and complete one each year.  So far I am still working on the first one, and his birthday was already 2 months ago.  I want to get the first one completed and catch up on the second one so that I don't always feel like I'm behind.  It's easier to write stuff down for him if I keep them up to date!
  • Run again!  I really want/need to start running again.  I took way too much time off from running and then I started again right around the time it got cold and dark out earlier.  Unfortunately I haven't found any good places to run with Konnor in the stroller yet, so I was waiting for Korey to get home from work to go for my runs.  Then it got cold and I got discouraged, and I also wasn't looking forward to running in the dark.   I really miss it though, and I am determined to start again and keep with it.  I would love to sign up for some 5ks this summer.  I only did one last year and that makes me sad.
  • Write more blog posts.  I enjoy writing these posts.  Even if nobody ever reads them, I enjoy getting my thoughts out and being able to go back and read through them.  
  • Spend all Summer outside with Konnor! I can't wait until Summer.  Now that he is walking around, I hope to be outside with him all the time.  Whether its just playing in our backyard, going swimming, going for walks, going to the playground or whatever!  
I have so many more resolutions for myself but I'll just share those few.  Hopefully I can stick with most of them, and I'll post some updates throughout the year!  If you made some resolutions of your own, I hope you are able to stick with them and have fun doing them!

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