Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas....just a little late

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year.   We went home to spend Christmas with our family this year was not at all what we had envisioned!  On Christmas Eve, Konnor was acting a little fussy and he fell asleep while we were only on our second book at bedtime.  He didn't even make it to his bottle.  He then woke up a lot during the night (which isn't really rare for him, especially since he's been working on getting his top molars).  On Christmas morning we went to Korey's parents house to open gifts and Konnor was just not acting like himself at all.  He was cranky, tired, and just wanted me to hold him.  We took his temperature and it was 102 so we decided to take him to the ER and see what was up.  Definitely not at all what we were planning to do on Christmas morning.  We were at the ER for a couple hours.  Poor Konnor had his nose swabbed, a chest x-ray, and a shot.  They decided that he had an ear infection and slight pneumonia.  They put him on an antibiotic and sent us home!  After his shot of medicine, he was acting a little more himself, but he napped quite a bit the rest of the day.  Over the next few days he seemed to be feeling much better, but the antibiotic gave him a terrible diaper rash :( .  The poor guy couldn't catch a break.  We are now done with the antibiotic and he had a follow up visit with his pediatrician who said that his ear infection was gone, and he was healthy!  He still has a slight diaper rash but after lots of research from Grandma Witt and Grandma Kelso (who made sure he had oatmeal baths, rooibus tea, and some great diaper cream) it's looking much better.
We all got a lot of great stuff for Christmas and we are super thankful!  Konnor got TONS of toys and he LOVES them all!  He will have plenty of toys to play with from now until next Christmas :)  He also got lots of clothes so we won't have to worry about buying any for a long time!  I got a bluetooth speaker for my car from Korey and I love using it!  I no longer have to worry about getting pulled over for being on my phone while driving!  Korey's favorite gifts are probably the tools he got, and his new Steelers sweatshirt.  We also loved giving all our family their gifts and watching them open them!  I love picking out gifts for people!
We are happy that we were able to be home for such a long time.  Usually our visits are just a over a long weekend.  It was nice to have some time to relax and to see friends and family.  We were glad we got to visit with some friends we don't always get to see when we are home!  Hopefully over the summer we can go home for a longer period of time again!
It seems like Christmas came and went so fast.  I was not very organized this year either.  We of course were still buying some gifts last minute, our cards didn't go out until after Christmas, and we still have to take our tree and decorations down.  Maybe next year I will be prepared.  Who am I kidding?... I say that every year and I'm always buying stuff last minute and trying to get cards out on time :)  Maybe that's half the fun?
I guess all I really want for Christmas next year is for Konnor to be healthy! 

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