Monday, February 17, 2014

15 months

Hard to believe Konnor is already 15 months old. We just had his 15 month appointment last week. Everything seemed great. He is in the 94th percentile for both height and weight!  He got two shots and only really fussed when they put the band aids on!  
At 15 months Konnor is walking/running everywhere and talking up a storm. He is very chatty and says several words. I think his favorite thing to say right now is "oh no". He also says "uh oh" a lot. Usually after he chucks a toy across the room. He also says star, daddy, mom, hi, "gurt" for yogurt, "nana" for banana, car, ball, he attempts saying Chloe and Bella, and I know there are more I'm forgetting. He also has started to "moo" with us when we ask what a cow says and he will "meow" when we ask what a cat says. 
Teething has always been an issue for Konnor and still is. He is up almost every night for a couple hours. It's tiring and no amount of teething toys, frozen wash cloths, or even Tylenol seems to help. He has been a pretty crappy sleeper ever since he got his first two teeth. It seems like teeth have just been coming non stop. He finally has all his molars (which took several months!!), but now I think he is getting the canine teeth. Hopefully they will come in a little quicker and the little guy can get some more consistent sleep. Until then naps are a necessity. If anyone has any teething tips or remedies let me know!  
We started going to the program at the library again and Konnor really likes it. He struggles with sitting still for too long. He likes to listen to the singing and he loves the bubble blowing part, but most of the time he would rather be running around the room. They have a free play time at the end and Konnor loves running around the room with two of the other little boys and he also likes pushing the trucks around. We usually pick out some library books each week. I remember getting books from the library when I was a kid and I can't wait until Konnor is old enough to pick out books himself. I loved going to the library and I hope he does too!
We also signed him up for some parent and me swim classes finally. They were supposed to start last week but we got a ton of snow on the day of his class so we are going tomorrow to make up that class. I'm excited. He really seemed to like swimming this past summer so I hope he has a lot of fun in this class. Korey and I are going to take turns getting in the water with him for the classes. I think I get to go in for the first class :). 
So even though there is a lot of snow on the ground and we still have dreams of moving back to Charleston ASAP, things are going well here :). Hopefully the weather warms up soon and we can keep finding fun things to do together!

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