Thursday, March 13, 2014

16 Months

It's crazy that it's already March.  I've been terrible at writing anything lately.  I can't write when Konnor is awake because anytime we open up the computer he runs over and wants to tap away at the keys :)  This year is flying by already!  Konnor is now 16 months old!  He still isn't sleeping at night.  He doesn't really stay up for long periods of time anymore, now he just wakes up several times and doesn't seem to sleep more than 3 hours at a time.  I'm not sure if it was worse when he was up for 3 hours, or worse now that he doesn't sleep for long periods of time.  Either way I am barely getting any sleep at all.  The lack of sleep doesn't seem to bother Konnor to much though.  He takes good naps and still has lots of energy during the day.  He is still chatting up a storm.  He's started saying Chloe, bubble, please he added "baa" to his animal noises, and he babbles nonsense to us all the time (although I'm sure he knows exactly what he is trying to say).  He walks and runs all over the place and can climb the stairs super fast!  Yesterday we went for a walk twice around the neighborhood with me just holding his hand.  He loved it!  His favorite toys are probably still his cars.  He likes to push them all over the living room.  He has tons of trucks and cars, but he calls all of them cars!  His newest thing is to wear his sunglasses around the house.  If he finds them he immediately wants to point them on and wear them around.  We are having so much fun watching him grow.  
As far as keeping up with my resolutions, I have not been doing that great of a job!  I am still behind on Konnor's scrapbook because I need to order some pictures to finish up the last few months.  I was waiting for one of the penny print deals and I found one going on right now so I'm going to order pictures today and then hopefully make some time to finish the scrapbook SOON!!!!!!
The weather has been a little warmer so I'm hoping I can get out and run more soon.  I went for a run the other day and it actually felt pretty good, so I'm excited to start running more frequently.  Korey and I signed up for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November so I'm excited to run more and train for that later this year.  We also signed Konnor up for one of the kids races and I can't wait for him to get to run his little race! :)
I've been slacking on writing posts on here.  Almost a whole month went by between this post and the last one.  Hopefully with the weather getting warmer we will have more going on and more to write about!  The past couple days we took advantage of the nicer weather!  Today though it is back to the low 30's which is sad.
I'm really just ready for warm weather.  I love being out in the sun and I don't mind the heat.  I hope we can get a chance to go to a beach a couple times this summer and I want to take Konnor swimming a lot.  He's really enjoying his swim classes right now.  He doesn't seem to mind being in the water at all.  He does great when we dunk him and they always comment on how relaxed he is in the pool.  The only thing he dislikes is floating on his back! 
 I hope everyone has been staying warm in this crazy weather and hopefully it will feel like Spring soon!

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