Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Fall is here and we finally got to go on a couple of our vacations we had planned! Our first trip was up to Maine!  Korey competed in the Pumpkinman Sprint Triathlon there and did a great job!  Konnor had fun cheering for his daddy "run daddy" and he enjoyed rearranging the pumpkins they had set up. We also got to spend some time with all our great friends up there.  We miss all of them and we appreciate that every time we go up to visit they go out of there way to make sure they get to see us and spend time with us!  The only bad thing about this trip was that it was too short!  

Our second trip was to Charleston. Anyone who knows me, knows that Charleston is my favorite place we have lived. It was wonderful to go back there for a week. We went back for our friends wedding and decided to make a week trip out of it. Korey and Konnor were both in the wedding. Konnor did his job of walking down the aisle much better than I thought he would :). The wedding was beautiful and we had a wonderful time hanging out and talking with all our friends after the wedding. The rest of the week we tried to squeeze in all the stuff we wanted to do. We went shopping, walked around downtown, went to the beach, ate at some of our favorite restaurants, went to the aquarium and spent as much time as we could with our friends. Visiting Charleston again just made me realize even more how much I want to move back there and how much I really do not love the area we live in. Hopefully some day we can make it happen!
I must say that after both trips I'm pretty confident saying that Konnor is definitely a beach lover. It makes me so happy!  He doesn't mind sunscreen and he loves chasing birds and running into the ocean! I think it means we are meant to live by the ocean!!
Going back to both Maine and Charleston also makes me realize how many truly wonderful friends we have made in all the places we have lived.  We always have someone to stay with when we visit both places and we always have lots of people to see and spend time with.  We are fortunate to have so many friends from all over!

One more vacation to go in November!  Disney World here we come!!!!

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