Friday, August 16, 2013

Random Thoughts

Konnor and I went on a long walk today, and while we were out strolling around I thought about a lot of different things (I'm sure Konnor did too)!  This truly is a random post so just be warned before you start reading!
One of the things I was thinking about was traveling of course!  I'm always thinking about traveling and where we want to go, how we will save money to go, when we will go... and on and on.  What started me thinking about it today though was the fact that my sister is on a little vacation with her boyfriend in Arizona to visit a friend and she has been sending me lots of great pictures!  I've never been there so of course I started thinking about how I needed to go there some day and also about vacations and traveling in general!  I was thinking about how there are so many places I want to go for myself, but there are also so many places I hope to be able to take Konnor (and any other future children) some day.  I can't wait to plan vacations with him in mind and to see how excited he gets when we go on them.  Growing up I got to go on a vacation pretty much every year.  I of course requested going to the beach and Disney World a lot!  We did go to some different beaches and there were trips to Disney, but we went to other places as well!  I loved knowing that every summer we would get to go somewhere!  I hope that we are able to do that for Konnor and that he has as much fun and remembers his vacations some day as fondly as I do! 
I'm sure my parents remember vacations a little differently than I do!  As I'm learning now that we have Konnor, there is a lot more planning, packing, stress, money, and more involved in going on a vacation with children.  Even though I know it can be more difficult and more expensive I really hope that Korey and I continue to vacation and to take Konnor on trips at least once a year!
The next thing I was thinking about as I was walking around our little town was how I really really hope that we are able to move somewhere else in the next 5 years or so.  I know some people enjoy living in a small town, but I just don't think its for us anymore.  We grew up in a small town, and I didn't have a bad childhood or anything and I don't even think I realized our town was small until I moved away.  But after living in areas with cities near by that have shopping, eating, festivals, and so many outdoor activities, its just hard to go back to living in a town that has only a McDonalds and a Big Lots to choose from!  There are definitely more shopping choices not TOO far away.  About a half hour drive away there is a mall and Starbucks and more restaurants but it's just not the same.  I know that getting used to a new area can take some time, but I just don't think this area is the right fit for us!  Luckily Korey and I are on the same page and have goals for our future in mind and in the mean time we have been trying hard to find festivals and new restaurants and outdoor places to check out.
Another random thought that then popped in to my head was that I need to STOP watching so much television and read more again!  Konnor takes at least two naps a day.  I usually workout during one of his naps, but during the other one I should be reading more instead of sitting down on the couch and watching TV.  I got a library card here and I've checked out a few books, but I already had to renew them because I didn't finish them in time.  Which isn't the end of the world, but I used to read so many more books than I do now!  So I really want to try and get better at turning the TV off and reading some of the million books I have on my "to-read" list.  I'm always open for suggestions!
Next on my random thoughts was Pinterest!  I love pinning crafts and meals and lots of other things on pinterest, but I rarely ever make any of the crafts or meals or do any of the other things I pin.  Yes half the fun is just looking at what people pin and pinning stuff yourself, but I want to actually start trying to make more of the things I pin.  I have in the last month been a little better about trying some of the recipes that I have pinned, and for the most part they have been a success.  A lot of the times I make a meal from pinterest, it turns out to be something I would definitely make again.  I just need to keep trying new meals and maybe venture into making some of the crafts, or trying out some of the ideas about organizing/cleaning.
I think the last thing I really thought about was taking more photographs.  I take pictures of Konnor and sometimes I remember to take pictures while we are out doing things, but I feel like I need to get better at this.  I got a really nice camera a few years ago for my birthday and I'm not using it as much as I should.  I don't want to try and be a professional photographer or anything.  I know I don't have the eye or creativity at that level to actually get paid to take pictures for others.  But I do want to at least try to be more creative, and to remember to take more pictures of not just Konnor, but of myself, and Korey, the dogs, and anything else I find interesting.  Sometimes I actually remember to take my camera with me and I realize that the batteries are dead, or I don't have a memory card in it (Sadly this has happened more times than I'd like to admit).  Thankfully I always at least have my Iphone on me.  I also love taking pictures with my Iphone, but the pictures add up too quick and I run out of room on my phone frequently. 
Well as you can see it was a productive walk!  Hopefully Konnor got a lot of thinking time in also!  Some day I'll be able to ask him what he thought about on our walks.  But for now I'm just happy watching him look at everything and chew on his toys while we stroll.
Sorry this ended up being a long post about nothing really, but I warned you in the beginning that it was just a bunch of randomness! :)

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