Thursday, November 7, 2013

Birthday and Gifts

I can't believe that Konnor will have his first birthday this Sunday, November 10th!!  It's so crazy to think that a year has gone by already.  I remember during the first few months (when I was sleep deprived, and he wouldn't take a bottle, and we were trying to figure out where we were going to move to next) that this day would never get here.  Now that it's here, it seems like the time just flew by!

As far as birthday parties go, I didn't know what to do for his first one.  I know some people have big parties and invite all their friends and family and their kids "baby friends", but we don't really know anyone here and since Konnor stays at home with me we don't really know any other kids his age that live near us.  So we decided on a low key birthday this year since he won't really remember it anyhow, and he won't care what kind of birthday he has because he won't really even know what is going on!  Luckily for us we have some GREAT friends from Maine/New Hampshire coming this weekend for a visit so they will get to join us for our first little mini birthday party for Konnor.  We're going to have a cake and some presents for him at home and just celebrate with us and our friends that are visiting.  When we go home for Thanksgiving we are going to have another birthday party for him with all our family.  Sometimes I feel like maybe I'm a bad mom for not having some big first birthday party for him, but I think this is the best way to do it for us.  Hopefully next year we will know some more people, and Konnor will have some little friends that we can invite to share the day with him.  Also we figure next year he will have more things he is interested in, and he'll be more aware of what is going on! 
Along with figuring out what to do for his birthday, I also had a hard time trying to decide what to get him.  He spends most of his days now trying to walk, throwing blocks and cars around the room, napping, and going on walks or trips with me!  He doesn't really need a ton of toys or anything, but he could definitely use a few new things to entertain him.  We ended up buying him the second Little Blue Truck book called Little Blue Truck Leads the Way.  I've mentioned it before in previous posts.  He loves his Little Blue Truck book so hopefully he likes the new one too!  We also got him some blue truck pj's to go along with the book! We got him some new bath toys since he LOVES bath time, and we also got him this Elefun busy ball popper toy.  Hopefully in the future he just looks back at pictures of his first birthday and knows that he is loved by us and lots of other people!

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