Monday, November 11, 2013

Konnor's First Birthday

I know I've said it already a million times, but how has it been a year already??  I'm not going to lie though, even though we have loved Konnor right from the start, the age he is at right now is probably the most fun so far.  I love watching him walk (and fall down) around the living room.  It's so fun to see how excited he gets when he realizes he is walking.  Usually his excitement makes him walk even crazier though and he ends up falling down!  He's also started "talking" a little.  He likes to say "all done".  It sounds a little more like "ahh done" and I'm pretty sure he has no idea what he means when he is saying it haha.  He is definitely trying to repeat what we say to him a lot more now.  I love when he walks over to us and babbles something and then just walks off again!

We were super lucky to have some friends come visit for the weekend to help celebrate Konnor's First Birthday with us!  They got here on Friday night and it was so nice to have them here!  It felt just like old times!  We've moved several times in the last 7 years and it's great to know that we have such great friends in so many of the places that we have lived.  It's always wonderful when friends come to visit!  On Saturday we hung out in the morning and then we went for a nice walk to a lighthouse and had a picnic lunch that consisted of some sandwiches from Subway that we ate at a park :)  The park had a small zipline for kids and of course everyone had to try it out.  Except for me unfortunately.  I was already wearing Konnor in our Ergo baby carrier.

It was a little chilly, but the walk was beautiful and it was nice to just be spending time hanging out with our friends.  "Uncle" Max even carried Konnor in the carrier for the whole walk (which made me extra happy when we were going uphill near the end of the walk)!

After our walk we came back to the house to celebrate Konnor's Birthday!  Before we ate, we let Konnor open his presents.  I thought he would be more excited about tearing the wrapping paper off than he actually was.  He didn't really seem to know what he was supposed to do.  We helped him unwrap his gifts and he loved everything.  He got some pretty cool gifts from Max, Sami and Jami.  He's a lucky little boy, and we are extremely lucky to have such great friends!  Korey made his delicious meatloaf for dinner and we also made Konnor a cake!  He LOVED his cake.  Korey did not want Konnor to have any cake before his first birthday, so this was the first time he had ever had any.  We gave him a piece and he dug right in!  There of course was cake EVERYWHERE :)

Before Picture...

During the Cake Eating....

All Done??

Of course he had to share some with his best friend Chloe...

And then this is what happens when the cake is all gone...

It's his party...he can cry if he wants to
 Don't feel too bad for him though because he will get another birthday party with family that will involve more cake when we go home for Thanksgiving

Overall it was a great weekend and a wonderful first birthday for Konnor!  Thank you to everyone who sent Happy Birthday wishes and gifts! 

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  1. Oh my gosh. Loved those last two pictures for sure! Hilarious!