Friday, November 1, 2013

Konnor's First Halloween

Konnor was born 10 days after Halloween so this was his first Halloween!!  He wore a Tigger costume and I think he actually enjoyed wearing it!  He never fussed when we put it on him.  The only part he didn't love was the hood.  The costume worked out great though.  Everyone thought he was super cute, and it kept him warm while we sat outside on our porch and handed out candy!

Growing up I loved going trick or treating and I'm sure I probably went for a couple years past what I should have :)  Korey and I have lived several places over the past few years so we've had a lot of different Halloween experiences.  When we moved to Charleston for the first time, we lived in an apartment complex.  They gave us a sign to hang on the door if we wanted to hand out candy.  I was super excited because this was the first year we would get to hand out candy from our own place.  We hung the sign on the door, and sadly we had no trick or treaters.  What a bummer.  To top it all off, our dog Bella ate quite a bit of the candy (wrappers and all) the next day while we were at work.  We of course were then worried because she had ate a ton of chocolate, but she was fine.  When we lived in Maine we went out with our friends on Halloween so we didn't hand out any candy that I can remember.  Instead this is what happened...
This picture makes me laugh every time I see it.  I have no idea what I was doing/saying, and Korey's look is priceless haha. 
After Portsmouth, we lived in Charleston again for two years.  The first year Korey had to work on Halloween and I didn't want to have to deal with the dogs every time the doorbell rang so I just left the candy outside.  Surprisingly there was still candy in the bowl at the end of the night.  The second year Korey was home so one of us held back the dogs whenever the doorbell rang, and the other handed out candy.  This year though was by far the craziest/best year as far as trick or treating goes.  When we bought the house, the previous owners warned us that there would be a lot of trick or treaters but I was still not prepared.  We ran out of candy within the first 30 minutes and I had to run out and go get some more.  We still did not have very much left at the end of the night.  There are a lot of kids in our neighborhood, but there were a TON of people that also drove their kids to our neighborhood.  We had fun sitting outside with Konnor and handing out candy to everyone.  Konnor loved being outside and watching all the kids come up to the porch.  He also got to enjoy his first lollipop.  He LOVED it of course.  He was not very happy when I took it away about half way through.


Also to prepare for Halloween we bought Konnor two new Halloween books.  We love reading to Konnor and we read him some books every night before bed.  We bought Goodnight Goon and Dracula.  Goodnight Goon is a parody on Goodnight Moon and Dracula is a kids version counting book based on the real Dracula story.  We enjoyed both books. 

At the end of the night, Konnor decided to give us our own Halloween treat and he slept through the night for the first time in almost 3 weeks!!  Between starting to walk and teething, he has been a terrible sleeper.  I was so happy to wake up this morning and realize that I had gotten a full nights sleep! :)  Thank you Konnor!

So now that Halloween is over is it okay to start watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs already?! :)

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