Thursday, July 24, 2014

20 months

Even though by now we are half way to 21 months, I figured I would still do a 20 month post!  

For a couple weeks in a row Konnor slept through the night and it was glorious. I could not have been happier. Before that stretch it had been FOREVER since he consistently slept through the night. I enjoyed every minute of my unbroken sleep. Then the 2 year molars decided to show up. Like all the teeth that have come before them I'm sure they will take their good sweet time making their appearance. He has been back to waking up most nights and staying awake anywhere from 1-3 hours. He still occasionally sleeps through the night but those nights are once again rare. Tonight we have been up for 2 hours already and I do not see sleep happening any time soon. 

Konnor's vocabulary is still growing every single day. He likes to repeat what we say now which can be very funny and also means we have to be more careful about what we say. I love when we say "hey buddy" to him and he echoes back "hey buddy". Some days he surprises us and says words we didn't even know he knew. Like the day he saw a violin on tv and said "viowin". 
We still try not to watch a ton of tv. Well I should rephrase that and say we try not to let Konnor watch a ton. I on the other hand watch too much tv I'm sure.  He really only pays attention to a few shows. He's slowly expanding. At first he only watched yo gabba gabba. Then he moved on to Little Einsteins (I'm positive we have every episode on the dvr) He still likes Little Einsteins but his new favorite is Micky Mouse Clubhouse. He now also calls "hey Toodles" throughout the day (you'd have to watch the show to understand) and we occasionally catch him singing "diggity dog" (also from the show). 
He is still a busy busy boy and always wants to be on the go. Most days I end up chasing him around the house at least 20 times.  Thank goodness Chloe also likes to chase him around the house when he has her ball. I'd like to say they tire each other out, but if you know Konnor or Chloe then you know neither of them ever gets tired out :) He is constantly telling us "walk" when we go places and he hates being in his stroller or shopping carts. This stage where he knows how to walk but not how to stay with us or when to stand still while I put food in the cart makes it difficult. We try and let him walk as much as possible and usually have to bribe him with food to sit in the cart or stroller.  

Of course this wouldn't be a month post if I don't at least say once that time is flying!  Hard to believe that shortly he will be 2 years old!  Every day is truly a ton of fun even when I'm wrestling him into his car seat or watching him spill my drink all over the floor.  I could do without teething but other than that I'd say we are good!  
We have some busy months ahead of us in the Fall and a lot of things to look forward too!  Hopefully Konnor will enjoy them all!

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