Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Goodbye pack 'n play

Last week Konnor and I went to visit family and friends. We got to stay at both grandparents and see some friends!  Korey joined us on the weekend.  In the past when we travel we have always used the pack 'n play for Konnor to sleep in.  The last time we used it he woke up frequently and ended up sleeping with us, so I knew the time was coming where we would no longer be able to use it as our travel bed. I brought it with me hoping miraculously it would work and he would sleep great in it again but it did not work and he slept terrible!!!  The first night he woke up about 15 minutes after I put him in it. I let him sleep with me after that and he slept great for a couple hours while I slept crappy as he tossed and turned and used me as a pillow and also kicked me several times.  After being kicked one too many times I attempted putting him in the pack 'n play again but he immediately woke up. Thankfully though he pretty much fell asleep again with me and didn't move much til morning. 
I wasn't sure what to use as a bed for him for the rest of the week. There wasn't an extra bed for him, he moves around too much to share the bed with anyone, and the idea of an air mattress scared me a little because I didn't know what he would do with the freedom of not being contained in something when he woke up.  Without many options to choose from, I went with the air mattress. 
The first night went pretty well. He only woke up once and I heard him and got him back to sleep and he slept until the morning when I heard him again and got him before he wandered off. The second night he slept through the night which was wonderful. What wasn't wonderful though was me waking up to him crying at the bottom of the first set of stairs (he went feet first on his belly down only 4 stairs so he was okay but he scared himself).  I have no idea how I did not hear him wake up and leave the room but somehow he managed to sneak out. The next night I of course blocked the door, but I also woke up any time he moved at all!!

When we moved to the other grandparents house he had problems staying on the air mattress for some reason. Same air mattress as before but all of a sudden he kept rolling off it. He never woke up when this happened but one night I woke up 3 different times to find him sleeping on the floor. 
I don't know if the air mattress is the perfect solution but for now it's what we are going with. We have a lot of traveling coming up in the next few months so hopefully we get a little better at sleeping on the air mattress or we will just be exhausted during our vacations :) 

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