Friday, August 8, 2014

My favorite season is...

This used to be an easy question to answer. Anytime anyone asked me, I would quickly say "Summer"!  I still love Summer but lately I find myself thinking about Fall a lot and getting very excited every time I do. 
When we were younger, Summer was a break from school and it meant vacations, staying out late to play flashlight tag, catching fireflies, swimming and all that fun stuff. Even after I grew up I still loved Summer. When I worked in schools I had the summers off and when I worked at daycares summers usually meant less kids because some parents were teachers or people were always out on vacations. When Korey was in the Navy summers were also great because we always lived near a beach.  Maybe my love for Summer dwindled a little this year because we are now at least two hours from the beach, Konnor can't really be outside too long when it's really hot out, we still haven't met many people around where we live, and we didn't go on any vacations during the Summer.  

Whatever the reason is, it's at least nice to know that I am really looking forward to the Fall for once. I used to dread the Fall. I used to get that sinking feeling when I saw all the Back to School stuff in the stores. I didn't necessarily dislike school but I never loved getting up early and I never wanted summer and all the fun to end!  This year though I'm excited to decorate for Fall, have pumpkin spice lattes, wear sweaters, take Konnor trick or treating, go on our vacations, watch football, go apple picking and all the other great things that happen in the Fall!

Hopefully I will love Summer again some day as much as I used to. Maybe when Konnor gets a little older and wants to catch fireflies and can stay outside a little longer in the heat. Or maybe when we move back closer to the beach some day!  But for now I will embrace my love for Fall and I will continue to dread Winter!

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