Tuesday, August 21, 2012

28 weeks!

Sorry I haven't added anything in a week!  Not too much has been going on.  The belly is definitely getting bigger and sometimes more uncomfortable but it's all worth it! We are both getting excited for our trip home to Pennsylvania and then up to New Hampshire!  My next goal is to try and find a pediatrician before we head home so there is one less thing to worry about!  I also caved again today and bought two onesies and a hat.  They were on sale and I couldn't resist :)
We really haven't added anything else to the nursery.  We need to get the letters hung above the crib and we want to do a collage over the dresser/changing table so we need to get some frames and figure out what pictures we want to use.  Hopefully we can get that done soon!
Korey is going away this weekend on his "brocation" as he calls it.  His last little getaway with the guys before the baby is born (although I'm sure even after Konnor is here there will be more guy trips.. just not maybe right away!).  Hopefully later this week I"ll have more to write about.  As for now everything is pretty much the same.  Korey is still swimming, biking, and running to train for his triathlon and i'm still walking, jogging, and swimming as much as I can so I don't go crazy :)
Since I don't have too many new pictures I'll post some of the ones that we have been trying to take each week (but we didn't start til around 21 weeks).  I might have missed a week or two or don't have them on my computer yet, but I'll post the ones I do have!
21 weeks

22 weeks

24 weeks.  (I think there are better ones from the actual wedding photographer I'll have to add whenever they get them!)

25 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks

I'm not sure what happened to 23 weeks.  Either we forgot or its on another camera :)  Also I need to take a 28 week picture soon and add it for this week!  But for now there they are!

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