Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Under Construction

This week we started moving stuff out of the room we are going to use as the babies room and putting it in the guest room.  It makes the guest room a little more crowded but there is still plenty of room for people when they come visit!  We rented a wet vac from Lowes and poor Korey cleaned the carpet in the guest room and the baby room at about 1am when he got home from work one night.  Yesterday on Korey's day off we went to pick up the crib and the dresser.  We did not realize quite how big the boxes would be though and we soon discovered that they were not going to fit in the Xterra oops!  Fortunately, one of our friends with a truck was able to come help us out and save the day!
Once we got them home Korey realized that the dresser was already put together so there was one less thing for him to have to do!  He was excited to put the crib together so he and another friend of ours were able to put the crib together pretty quickly later that night.  So now we have a dresser and a crib in the room.  We also have a huge bookshelf that was already in there that matches the furniture pretty well so we will probably just leave it in there for now since there really isn't anywhere else to put it! 
Now we just have to decide what we want to do with the rest of the room.  We don't really have any one theme idea for the room.  A lot of the bedding we like has giraffes and elephants and animals on it and we found a fun wall decal with animals we thought about getting and putting up.  I also like the reto posters from the movie "UP" and the idea of doing a travel theme with all the pictures we've taken from the trips we've been on recently (everywhere we've gone lately we've tried to take a "bump" picture or at least point to my stomach since most of the pictures were before a bump was visible haha).  Either way I'm sure we'll figure something out and our child won't even remember what his room ever looked like when he was little haha.  We also are debating if we should paint at least one wall or nothing at all since we will be moving again soon and will just have to paint it back anyway.
Well I guess that is all for now.  We'll keep you updated with the rooms progress as we get more things in there and start adding some kind of decorations/theme :)

For now here are a few pictures of Korey and our friend putting up the crib.  Bella and Chloe also tried to make sure they got in on the fun.

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