Sunday, December 16, 2012


I apologize that it has been over a week since our last post!  Things have been busy and a little crazy here.  People keep telling you when you are pregnant that "Your life will be changed forever" and "Things are never going to be the same again".  When you hear these things you know they are true, but you don't REALLY understand how true they are until you have that little bundle of joy here and at home with you.  It has been 5 weeks already which is crazy!  One month has come and gone!  There have been ups and also downs in those 5 weeks.  I think we have finally got some things figured out, and I'm sure now that I've said that something new will come along and throw us for a loop.  But hey..that's what being a parent is all about right?
So my first confession is that one of the main reasons I haven't posted anything in awhile (other than being super busy and rarely having my hands free) is that I didn't know if I would have anything positive to write about!  There were a few days in the past week where I just felt like an awful parent already and I would go to post something on here, but was afraid I would just complain during the whole post.  Poor Konnor has had some gas issues and so there were a few days where he would be miserable and just cry and cry.  By cry I really mean SCREAM... a high pitch Scream that sounded awful because he was in pain from the gas.  Adding in all the sleep deprivation, and the screaming, and the feeling awful because we didn't know how to help his gas... there were definitely moments we thought.. "what have we done!"  Now that we know it's gas we have been able to some days give him something for it, and also to figure out ways to help him work out the gas on his own.  This has made a huge difference for him and us!  The past couple days he has been much happier and less gassy and we have been much happier too! 
My second confession tonight is that I went for a run for the first time since Konnor was born and shhhhh but it hasn't been six weeks yet, and I have not gone to my follow up doctors appointment!  But it was another 70 degree beautiful day here and I just couldn't help it!  I have been feeling great for the past two weeks and watching Korey head out to run every day was making me super jealous.  I couldn't get an appointment at six weeks because of the holidays and have to wait until 7 1/2 weeks and I just could not wait that long to run!  I only ran 2 miles tonight and even that was difficult which is super sad since I had been running a lot further before I got pregnant!  I know that I will eventually work my way back up again and that I will be able to run faster again, but for now I'll just have to accept that I need to take it slow!
We took Konnor for a walk in the stroller today since it was really nice out.  We walked over to the Starbucks near us and we even managed to take him inside without him screaming  because the stroller stopped moving :)  We saw lots of babies out and about while we were at Starbucks.  I love that we live somewhere that we can go out for walks in short sleeves in the middle of December!
I think that is all I have to confess for now :)  We have been taking pictures like crazy so I of course have to post a few here!
Konnor hanging out under the bridge

Konnor and Daddy
Big Yawn!

We love snuggling with Konnor
Bella  hanging out with her little brother

Do I really have to wear this silly giraffe hat?
Konnor and Mommy

Big Smiles!

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