Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It gets better

Things have still been going pretty well and we are super thankful for that!  Konnor seems less gassy now, and when he does get gassy we are pretty good at helping him work it out a lot quicker!  Which makes things ten times better for all of us!  He is staying awake more during the day and he will sit in the mamaroo or lay on his play mat without getting fussy.  He also has started smiling at us when we talk to him.  Korey got another nice big smile this morning and I think it made his day!
We've gotten more adventurous and have been trying to take Konnor on outings with us more and more.  Sometimes it goes well, other times we go home early :)  The last outing we had to do some Christmas shopping went great.  We went to the outlets and to Walmart.  With a little planning ahead we got done shopping at the outlets before the rain came, and we made sure Konnor ate before we headed to Walmart so he didn't have a breakdown when he got hungry!  We managed to make it through the whole shopping experience without him getting fussy.  Although we did have a huge poop blowout that we had to change in the car!
Christmas is getting closer and closer and we are getting more and more excited!  Korey is on the shift where he goes to work in the afternoon and doesn't get home til late so now he wakes up and plugs in the Christmas tree first thing in the morning :).  If we lay Konnor on his play mat in front of the tree he will turn his head and stare at the lights for awhile. We still have a few presents left to buy.  We will either have to find some more time to go to a store or end up paying extra to get it here in time!  We also will have to find some time to wrap presents!  We didn't go too crazy buying present for Konnor.  Since he was born on a little over a month before Christmas he has quite a few clothes and he has lots of toys that he will be able to use as he gets older.  We did of course buy some stuff though.  It's his first Christmas after all!
Here are some of the things we are getting him:
Bella and Chloe seem to still like Konnor which makes us happy!  Chloe has always been interested in him.  She likes to try and lick his toes and if he is on his play mat she will lay down beside him.  At first Bella didn't want anything to do with Konnor.  She would sniff at him and walk away and if we tried to put him anywhere near her she would get up and run away.  Now she will lay down beside him if he is in the mamaroo and if we place him beside her she stays.  She also comes running when he is crying instead of running out of the room and if I don't pick him up quick enough she will sometimes come over to me and stare at me like I'm an awful mother for taking more than 10 seconds to pick him up!  We are trying our best to make sure we still give them lots of attention.  Bella likes to snuggle with us when Konnor is taking naps so she has all of our attention.  Chloe will try and snuggle anytime she has a chance!  Now that Konnor is a little bigger I'm going to try walking with him in the baby carrier more so that I can walk the dogs too.  Some day I'll master walking them while pushing a stroller but for now I think it will be easier to do with Konnor in the carrier.

We are really lucky that we have great friends down here who are so helpful!  Whether it's coming over and hanging out, making us dinner, holding Konnor for a little while, watching him so we can go out for a bit, giving us advice or reassuring us that we are good parents.  We are super thankful that we have them in our lives.  We are also looking forward to seeing all of our family at Christmas because we know they will be super helpful also and some of them haven't had a chance to meet Konnor yet!  I'm sure we will be taking lots of pictures.
Enough for now though.. Konnor is actually asleep for the first time at night before midnight in awhile.  I am going to try and finish our Christmas cards and maybe squeeze in a nap.  (fingers crossed he stays asleep a little longer). 

lifting his head up

staring contest with daddy

This picture makes me laugh!  Bella looks so over the picture taking and Konnor looks terrified :)

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