Wednesday, October 24, 2012

8 days of Halloween

Korey and I decided now that the night shift is over and he's home at night, we will try and watch a scary movie each night until Halloween.  13 days of Halloween probably would've been better but there just would not have been time to watch movies when he was sleeping during the day and having to rush to go to work at night... so 8 will just have to do :) Tonight we decided to watch an older movie that we owned: Hide and Seek.  Neither of us can remember how it ends.

We had our weekly appointment today and everything is still going well.  It doesn't sound like he will be coming any time super soon, but you never know... these things can happen quickly.  I don't really  mind when he comes but earlier would be better.  As long as he is healthy though we will be happy even if he shows up late! Only around 20 more days!!
Tomorrow we are going to go to the Pumpkin Patch at Boone Hall to check out the corn maze and maybe pick out some pumpkins to carve.  Should be a fun day!

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