Monday, October 8, 2012

baby shower, finished room, and only 5 weeks left!

We had our last baby shower this past weekend.  We were super lucky to get to have three showers.  One back home in Pennsylvania with family and friends, one in New Hampshire with our friends, and one here in Charleston with friends.  We couldn't ask for better family and friends.  We received such great and thoughtful gifts at all of our showers! 

I think we have finally finished Konnor's room.  We have all the books on the shelves, pictures on the walls, clothes put in drawers.  There of course are still a few things that need put away and some things left to purchase but for the most part we are ready!

Collage above the dresser/changing table
Korey's drawing of our layout for the wall stickers :)
Korey putting the stickers on the wall

Tomorrow will be 35 weeks!  Hopefully Konnor will arrive on time and we won't have too much longer to wait until we can meet him!  We are both getting very excited the closer it gets!  November 13th is not too far away!  For now here is the 34 week picture!
34 weeks
34 weeks

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