Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  We spent the night finishing up one of our scary movies and being sad that the other one we rented wouldn't play :(  Korey handed out candy to trick or treaters while I made sure Bella didn't charge the door.  Chloe also helped greet the trick or treaters and only managed to sneak out the door a few times :)
On Monday we took a tour of the hospital and got to see the rooms where we will deliver the baby and where we will stay afterwards until we go home.  On Tuesday we had another appointment.  Everything was great at the appointment.  They told us they don't really like to let people go much past their 40 weeks without inducing so Konnor will be here soon no matter what! :)  Hard to believe there is only 13 more days until the due date!  We go again for another appointment next Tuesday.. it could end up being our last appointment! 
This weekend Korey and I plan to go out for our "dating" anniversary.  On Nov. 3rd it will have been 14 years since Korey asked me "out" in high school.  We figured we better get at least one more good date night in before we are taking Konnor with us, or finding a babysitter before we go out! 
Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

our pumpkins we carved
Bella practicing her baby room guarding :)

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