Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All our bags are packed... we're ready to go...?

Well not exactly haha.  But for the most part we have the bags packed.  I think I have everything we will need for Konnor in a bag and ready to go.  For the most part I have a bag for myself, except for the things I use daily and will throw in last minute.  I do have a list though for my bag so I can remember to put those extra things in there.  Hopefully when the time comes we have plenty of time and we don't panic and just forget everything.  Although, who am i kidding... even when I'm not rushed or in a panic I still manage to usually forget something and make a trip or two back to the house!
bags and boppy pillow ready to go

At our appointment last week we found out that Konnor is head down!  Hopefully that means he will stay that way and everything will go well.  It's hard to believe we are now at 37 weeks and he could come any time now and be okay!  The time still seems to be going fast, but the not knowing when it will happen is what is hard!  We have another appointment tomorrow and then Korey has a few days off before he starts his next shift so hopefully we'll find some fun stuff to do outside since the weather has been nice and it is cooling down a little! 
36 weeks

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