Friday, January 25, 2013

Earlier Bedtime

Well I let almost ten days go by again without writing!  Oops.  I feel like the scavenger hunt that I wrote about last was so long ago.  The week after the scavenger hunt, Korey spent most of his time preparing for his interview.  On Friday night we missed out on going to a bonfire with our friends because it was too cold out and we didn't think it would be good to take Konnor.  We really need to find a babysitter!  On Saturday Korey ran his first ever half marathon and did awesome!  He finished in 1hour and 49min.  Konnor and I went to cheer him on!  We were very proud of him.  During his training Korey swore he wasn't going to run another half marathon.  After running though I think he may attempt one some other time in his life! :)  He won't be able to resist trying to beat his time!  You can check out his pictures here.  We love the one with Konnor!
The night of the race some of our friends were having a going away party.  Sadly they will be moving in a couple weeks and we will REALLY miss them.  We wanted to go to the party and so we were planning to take Konnor with us.  Lucky for us though, our other amazing friends who have a son were leaving their son behind with his grandparents and they offered for them to watch Konnor also.  So we had a night out without Konnor which was nice.  We missed him while we were gone but we knew hew as in good hands and it was nice to have a little time to ourselves and with our friends.  On Sunday, Korey flew up to Pennsylvania for his interview that he had on Monday.  He feels it went okay and he even got to see some snow while hew as up there!  He flew back down here on Tuesday and had to go into work a couple hours after arriving.  Konnor and I were lucky enough to be invited to dinner at our friends Jason and Catherine's house one night, and we also walked the bridge with Catherine and her son Beau one day and then had some Starbucks afterwards!  It's always nice to get out of the house and hang out with friends!  Especially when Korey is on this shift and he is gone all afternoon and evening.
So that brings us to this weekend.  Korey has to work and so Konnor and I will probably  just hang out here Saturday.  We have a movie night planned with Jill Saturday night at the house.  Sunday we might go to the big oyster roast at Boone Hall again, but we aren't sure if we want to go spend the money or not!  We will keep you updated.  We went last year and it was fun, and I had an oyster for the first time.  I did not enjoy it haha.
As for the earlier bedtime... Konnor has been going to sleep now around 8-9pm and sleeping for around 4 - 4.5 hours before waking up. After eating he goes back to sleep usually for at least another 4 hours.  This is great that he is sleeping earlier.  However, I am not ready for bed at 8 or 9 even when I'm really tired.  I just can't fall asleep. So... I only get a couple hours of sleep during his first long stretch of sleeping if I get any sleep at all.  I sleep all through his second 4 hours, but that still leaves for not a ton of sleep and its still broken up.  But... sleeping earlier is progress and he is sleeping for consistent times so I'll take it! :)  I'm still hoping some day he decides to sleep at least 6 hours at a time all the time!  I'm sure that's wishful thinking though!
 Hope everyone elso who reads this is still doing well!  I don't really have a lot of new pictures.  My phone keeps getting filled up and then i forget to load the pictures on the computer and it also prevents me from taking new ones.  But i'll get on that for next time.  I also still need to take pictures off my nice camera and put them on the computer!  But some day when I have some free time I'll eventually get to it!

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