Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scavenger Hunt and Sleep

This past weekend our friends organized a fun scavenger hunt around downtown Charleston.  It involved going to several bars and places around Charleston and taking fun pictures.  We split up into two teams: boys vs girls of course.  Konnor however was on the girls team :)  We brought him along with us and I carried him around in the baby carrier the whole time.  It worked out perfectly.  Not only did I get to participate and have a great day, but he took a long nap while we walked around and got to visit several bars in Charleston for the first time haha.  I definitely got some interesting looks and heard a few people mentioning there was a baby in the bar.  But it was a Sunday in the afternoon and most people thought it was funny not strange.  Korey and I both had a blast getting to hang out with our friends, and the weather was amazing.  It was definitely shorts and tshirt weather, and it's only JANUARY!  That is why I LOVE living in Charleston!
Here are some pictures from the Scavenger Hunt.  The girls were team Black Out, and the boys just wore interesting shirts haha.
Konnor getting ready for the Scavenger Hunt
The boys team

The girls team

Out on the scavenger hunt!

 The night of the scavenger hunt, Konnor slept for 7 hours straight.  That is the longest he has slept through the night yet.  It was wonderful.  Of course it did not last and the past two nights he went back to sleeping for 3 hours at first and then waking up every hour.  Hopefully some day he will consistently sleep through the night.
This week Korey will be getting ready for his interview that he has next Monday!  He will also be doing his final training runs for the half marathon on Saturday!  Hopefully the weather is nice for his run so Konnor and I can go watch!  Thursday night our friends are having a bonfire on the beach.  We will have to see what the weather is like before I decide if I can go with Konnor.  There is also a party on Saturday that I most likely won't be able to go to because we have not found a babysitter yet.  I feel a little better about finding one now though since Konnor has taken a bottle a few times and is less fussy at night.  It's just hard finding and trusting someone!
Also.. a Friend recommended a book to me called The Happiest Baby on the Block.   It's a really easy read and has a ton of great information for calming crying babies.  I wish I had read it sooner.  It is almost pointless now that Konnor really isn't that fussy anymore, but I would definitely recommend it to all new parents.  Even now I'm sure there will be times when Konnor has a major meltdown and I'll be glad I read the book :)
Hope everyone has a good week!  I'll make sure to post about the bonfire and Korey's half marathon sometime soon!

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